Citizens and Heroes
Tuesday, November 1, 2016 5:10 AM


We are proud to announce our September Lower Campus Citizens of the Month and Upper Campus HEROEs. These monthly award programs honor students who are respectful, responsible, safe, and ready to learn everyday they come to school.


Congratulations to the following students: Kindergarten: Henry F, Mariam A, Lucy L, Tuula S, Hollis N, Grace L, Charlie D, Hawo M, Nora R, Ben S, Ruby T, Vivian R First: Charlotte S,, Tucker W, Michael P, Ava L, Sam C, Eliana L, Greta T, Henrik E, Lewis K, Remi C Second: Theo P, Maya G, Oliver T, Sienna D, Cormac S, Kayla S, Sebastian R, Elsa G, Jasper S, Maxine H Third: Tate T, Violet H, Owen M, Keira D, Karenna G, Helen C, Carter S, Allegra Z, Matthew B, Julia R Grade 4: Haley D, Maeve R, Zara B, Emerson L, Grade 5: Elijah L, Andrew S, Collin A, Calvin R Grade 6: Wyatt F, Abigail N, Beth D, Elsa F, Misha P, Leif L Grade 7: Elise K, Alex K, Mia J, Nolan A Grade 8: Ellie H, Alison B, Henry M, Luke G, Ian F, Eli S