Distance Learning Update
Wednesday, April 15, 2020 6:00 AM

Dear LHCS families:
Monday, April 6, was the first day of distance learning. I want to start by acknowledging that this is a challenging time for all of us. The teachers worked for eight days learning and setting up their google classrooms and then we all had a week off for spring break. I would ask that our families give this process some grace as we maneuver through this new way of learning.
Some important facts you need to know and do:
  • If you have questions/concerns you should connect with your classroom teacher during posted Office Hours.
  • Office Hours are a two-hour window where students and families can expect quicker responses to questions. Times are listed on Google Classrooms.
  • Your student will be expected to be engaged in learning each day via online platforms or with paper packets from the MPS Teaching and Learning Department if you don’t have online access. If you have questions, please review the websites below:
  • Lake Harriet Community School Distance Learning Website
  • MPS Distance Learning website
  • Families with one device will need to develop a schedule for sharing. We understand this might be the case for many of our families and we will be as flexible as possible.
  • The state of MN requires a licensed teacher to check in with every student, every day regardless of which form of Distance Learning the student is participating in: online or through printed materials. 
  • Upper Campus: Advisory/Homeroom teachers will collect attendance in Google Classroom and students should respond daily by 4pm. 
  • Lower Campus Classroom Teachers will take attendance based on engagement in Seesaw or Google Classroom by 4 pm. 
  • Students working with printed materials only will have a daily check-in arranged with the school via email or text/phone for attendance purposes. We are still working to identify students without technology access. Teacher check-ins will be finalized as soon as possible.
  • Families who need to report a student/child illness or any other reason their student cannot participate in distance learning that day should call 612.688.1200 to report the absence.
Walter, Ashley and Merry, as well as the staff at both campuses, miss you all!
Remember to stay safe.  We are all in this together!
With Kindness.
Walter Schleisman
Principal, Lake Harriet Upper
Merry Tilleson
Principal, Lake Harriet Lower