Tuesday, April 24, 2018 1:25 AM


A special shout out to one final DragonFest sponsor/auction donor: Joy Martin Architecture!


  1. Online bidding in the amazing, new & improved, DragonFest Silent Auction has begun! 
  2. Register at our Gesture DragonFest website: http://Dragon2018.gesture.com
  3. You will receive a text confirmation once you have registered. 
  4. Start bidding! Bid big!
  5. Remember, we aren’t looking for bargains, we are raising money for our KIDS!!!! 
  6. You can continue to register & bid until the close of the auction (and the carnival) on Friday, April 27th at 8:30 pm.
  7. The full silent auction will be on display at 5:30 pm on in the UC Media Center during the carnival. Come shop & bid, get free coffee & treats, enjoy a seated chair massage and soothing music while your kids run wild.
  8. You need not be present to bid or win!
  9. Bring a Smart Phone (and charger?) if you're attending  DragonFest on Friday, this is the only way to bid when there's 3 hours left to go...
  10.  A Gesture rep will be in attendance at the Silent Action to help people who don't have a smart phone register and bid. 
  11.  Upon your first bid, Gesture will ask for a credit card number (a good reason to make that first bid before the event). If you win something(s), you can choose to charge that credit card or pay with cash or check to the LHCS PTA. Payment must be received in order to claim items won. When paying by cc a 3.5% processing fee will automatically be applied. 
  12.  Bidding: Click the item you want to bid on. You can set a threshold for the price and it will go up in predetermined increments, or you can make a single bid. You will be notified via text if you have been outbid.  
  13.  Items won can be claimed in the Media Center after bidding closes at 8:30 until 9:00 pm.
  14.  Unclaimed items will be at Heather Hunt’s House on Saturday for pick up. Address to follow for those who win. 
  15.  You will receive a donation tax receipt if you bid over the fair market value.  
  16.  Thank you to all our auction donors! Visit and bookmark our Sponsor/Auction page for a full list of business and LHCS family donors.

Newly donated items will be put into Gesture upon confirmation of the item. All items should be confirmed and received by Heather Hunt or Ingrid Soderberg no later than Wednesday, April 25th.  

Also, our “cause of the year” is for Christy Dalton who owns The Fixx Workout Studio. There's a donation spot toward top of the auction items in Gesture, plus we'll donate all the tips from the Parent Lounge coffee and treats to her Go Fund Me efforts.