Farewell Mary Rynchek! (updated with photos)
Monday, June 3, 2013 6:55 AM


It's with warm hearts, best wishes and a few tears that we say farewell to Principal Mary Rynchek as she heads into her retirement.

We'll remember Mary as a fervent supporter of the LHCS community, proud of every achievement and every student. Many of the events and experiences that set LHCS apart were inspired under Mary's leadership. And as parents, our appreciation of Mary's creativity and advocacy in the resources and funding our school receives, is actually hard to express. Bravo!

From the PTA, Mary, we wish you joy, extra sleep, time to achieve your dreams and the sweet knowledge that Students under your watch have and will go onto great things.

Also, the PTA board is still looking for a Secretary for next year - you'll have some free time! How about it?

All the very best.

PTA Co-Presidents:  Karen Knapp and Ann Smith

Farewell Assembly for Principal Rynchek