From the Health Office
Monday, November 5, 2012 6:55 AM


School Exclusion Notice

Dear parents,

Minneapolis Public Schools has a “No Shots, No School” immunization policy, (see below).   Currently we have many children who are out of compliance with the district’s immunization policy, mostly from Upper Campus.  Letters to parents of students who are out of compliance from Lower Campus went home Sept. 25th via backpack.  At Upper, letters were handed to parents by their child’s teachers at conferences.   Therefore, each school has its own exclusion date.  Students from Lower without their forms submitted will be excluded (and sent home) beginning November. 5th.   Students from Upper without their forms submitted will be excluded (and sent home) from school after winter break.  If you have any questions, please contact either Kathy Pressnall, LPN @ 668-3222 (Lower), or myself, Kathy Frey, RN, Licensed School Nurse at 668-3315 (Upper).

No Shots, No School. All Minneapolis Public School students must have immunizations up to date and the school must have the child’s shot records for him or her to start school. Help your child be a healthy learner. If the child should not have shots for medical reasons or because of the beliefs of the parents, the school must have written proof of exemption.

Call your doctor / clinic to get your child’s shots up to date and to get a physical exam or call the Minneapolis Public Schools HotShot line at (612) 668-0870.

The Health Office at Lower is in need of gently used girl’s sweatpants.  If your daughter has outgrown these, would you consider donating them?  Also, if your child comes home in clothes that he/she did not go to school in, would you wash and return the “loaners”?

A reminder: The Upper Campus does not keep extra clothing.  Please provide extra clothes for your child if this is necessary. 

The Health Office sends out communicable disease notices via e-mail.  We routinely get e-mails that bounce back due to outdated e-mail addresses.  Please be sure that you have updated e-mail addresses on file with the school secretaries,  (Lower) or (Upper).

Also, with the weather becoming colder, students are in need of their own chap stick.  Please keep a stick of this in their backpacks. 

Have you had your flu shot?


Upper Campus Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 am-4:10 pm

Lower Campus Tuesday and Thursday 8;30 am – 4;10 pm

UC phone: 612-668-3315, fax: 612-668-3320

LC phone: 612-668-3222, fax: 612-668-3220