From the Principal’s Desk
Friday, August 17, 2012 3:00 PM


Dear Families,

       We are eagerly looking forward to school beginning. We hope to see you at the Ice Cream Social and Middle Grades Orientation next week. This will be a historic and exciting year for Lake Harriet. This will also be a year to exercise patience, keep a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Our focus, as always, remains on quality instruction and learning, attendance and safety.

       This year Jan Parrish is the administrator for the Lower Campus and I will be the administrator for the Upper Campus along with Merry Tilleson as Assistant Principal at Upper. We are separating the administrative roles for efficiency as each campus has an enrollment the size of an independent school. Lower Campus parents should access Jan Parrish for matters concerning their K-2 children or questions about construction of the new wing.


Upper Campus welcomes new staff:

·        Julie Silvernail, working with ReadAmerica and the third grade team

·       Dan Tanz, middle grades WINGS, DCD teacher

·       Franklyn Mccrary, Jr., Special Education Assistant in middle grades WINGS, DCD

·       Leif Hallen, third grade teacher in room 7

·       Amy Hollembeak, third grade teacher in room 112

·       Ian Hunter, middle grades math teacher

·       Bethany Pearson, Instructional Specialist, working with staff on Professional Development

·       Ginger Kranz, Instructional Leader, working with staff on data and Focused Instruction

Lower Campus staff will share Bethany Pearson with upper. There are no other staffing changes at LC.

       Just a few reminders:

·       In school celebration of your child’s birthday may not include distribution of food products. Non food items are acceptable but should be discussed with the classroom teacher ahead of time.

·       All bike riders must have a working lock for their bicycle and wear a bike helmet.

·       Parent pick-up and drop-off at Upper Campus is on Washburn Avenue, Vincent is buses only.

·       Students need shoes for PE days, not flip flops.

·       All doctor and dental appointments need a note from the Dr. for an excused absence.

·       Arriving at school “on time” means arriving by 9:25 to have locker time and be seated by 9:40.

·       Please remember to call in to the school office with any absences for your child.


       This year the administrative team will write parent letters for the Connection in a rotating order over three weeks of each month. Merry Tilleson’s letter for Upper Campus will give pertinent testing schedule information as the year progresses.

Enjoy these last days of summer break and we will see you all soon!

Mary Rynchek

Principal – LHCS UC