January Citizens and HEROes!
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 4:20 AM


Congratulations to our January Citizens and HEROes! We recognized these students as positive contributors to our school community.


Kindergarten: Johnny T, Amelia S, Ben C, Clara G, Tess H, Wolfgang K, Elliana G, Lorelei G, Annetta W, Sachiko C, Henry H, Amelia P, Nora D

First: Kaya Y, Wolfgang M, Henry C, Eisa H, Willow O, Jack F, Deven G, Ivy H, Graham B, Mari C

Second: Charlie V, Will S, Soren Z, Sabrina L, Gia G, Jonas R, Eva E, Sami Q, Elise M, Hank W

Third: Claudia B, Milin D, Ona M, Erin S, Henry W, Emma P, Frances D, Claire K, John S, Liberty N

Grade 4: Jocelyn F, Henry P, Maya F, Bennett E

Grade 5: Stella D, Isaac S, Piper K, Cameron W

Grade 6: Finn H, Ethan F, Jonathan F, Elsie L, Caroline C

Grade 7: Peregrine T, Reece W, Maggie W, Liam T, Gates N, Isabel W, Stella T, Jacob M

Grade 8: Eddie R, Ansel C, Maia H, Lucia T, Aubree P, Isaac F