Letter to Families on Election Results
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 6:00 AM

A letter to families about the recent Presidential election


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Nov. 11, 2016
Dear MPS families,
First, I want to let you know Minneapolis Public Schools is here for you and your students — no matter your political beliefs. As our mission statement says, “We exist to ensure that all students learn,” and we believe every student and their families have a place in our schools and our community.
Yesterday I expressed to staff how the diversity of Minneapolis Public Schools’ students is one of our most valuable assets. From the many languages spoken to the rich cultural traditions of our communities, we know that our strength lies in the uniqueness of every child in our classrooms. We should keep that in mind as we have discussions with each other and our students about the outcome of the presidential election.
I asked staff to approach conversations with kindness, compassion, empathy and respect. Throughout our community, we expect there will be many emotions in the following days. Our district is focused on providing safe spaces for students and staff to share their feelings. We are reminding our students we respect and value who they are, and showing them they are never alone when they are a part of MPS. 
Our district will continue to be a place of respect. We welcome all students and families in our schools and celebrate the diversity of their race, gender, religion, culture, disability and sexual orientation. We will always stay true to our values, and we will lead by example.
This is a time and a moment to be our best selves for our students and for one another. Let’s all think about our role in a democracy and support our young people in exploring their role and how they can positively engage in shaping the future. 
Below are some resources you can use in talking with your child. If you have any questions about the work happening in your student’s school, please contact your principal.
Ed Graff
Minneapolis Public Schools
Resources for families
Talking with children about the news:
Social Emotional Learning toolkit for parents:
Promoting Resilience in children:
Talking with children about bias:
Helping children cope: