LHCS is a Big Winner at the LEGO Robotics Regional Tournament!
Monday, January 28, 2013 6:20 AM


All  39 Lake Harriet participants shined at the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Regional Tournament on Saturday, January 19, 2013.  LHCS was only able to send 10 of their 21 teams to this tournament but those 10 teams took home 20 First Place awards! An impressive five of the six Minneapolis Public School teams advancing to the state tournament are from LHCS.  

There are several divisions in this tournament and LHCS teams were winners in all divisions.  The teams and their awards are noted below.   Great Job GISE and GEMS! 

Wish the 19 State Qualifiers luck for their FLL State Tournament on February 2, 2013.  Go DRAGONS!

Lakes A Division

Mission Martians  - State Qualifier

Sophia G, Cathy M  and Emma S  won: 

1st place - Core Values

Best Innovative Programming

1st place -  Robot Performance (250 points)


I-FRO – State Qualifier

Aditya K, Cole G-M, John C and Ethan C   won: 

1st place  - Research Project


Lakes B Division

Jenius Joules –State Qualifier

Ellie S, Alana M, Mitra K, and Becca M   won: 

1st place -  Core Values, 

1st place -  Robotic Performance (215 score)


Noodles – State Qualifier

August P, Conner G, Spencer K and Max B  won: 

1st place – Research Project

Best Innovative Programming



Isidora M, Isabella K, Rachel S and Elsa P won: 

1st Place - Robot Design 


Lakes C Division

Cannibalistic N3rdz  – State Qualifier

Patrick L, Thomas J, Peter K and Becan S won: 

1st place -  Research Project

1st place -  Robot Design

1st  place - Robot Performance (285 score)

1st place - Head to Head


Bingo Brothers 

Jack W, Isaac R.D, Cole P, Dylan P and Tim W  won: 

1st Place – Core Values

Best Innovative Design



Charlie F, Alexander M and Nate S

Placed 2nd in Innovative Programming 


Woods D Division

The Big Brains

Nick M, Liam K, Akshay K and Grant W won: 

1st Place  - Research Project

1st Place - Robot Design


Woods E Division

The Gisers

Anders C, Caelan K, Charlie S and Zachary W  won: 

First Place  - Research Project

1st Place – Robot Performance

1st Place - Robot Design

1st Place  - Head to Head