Lower Campus Summer Construction Plans
Thursday, June 13, 2013 7:15 AM


There will be a strong presence of construction and installation vehicles and work throughout the summer up to the middle of August. 


Site (grounds) work will begin as soon as school is out – essentially June 3. This work begins with pulling out the trailers/portables and fencing, clearing the pile of dirt that sits on the parking lot and then stripping and resurfacing the parking lot.  There will be concrete truck traffic as they set the front (South) and side (West) entry stairs, ramps and planters.  They will also bring in tractors to re-grade the landscaping of entire site.  All of this activity will be very noticeable and pretty noisy as it involves big trucks and is not confined within the building.  It will also be dusty with the movement of dirt, concrete and asphalt and also with having all of the soil exposed after they clear the grounds.  Additional note, please be aware that anything related to asphalt will have odor.


Patching the existing building's roof with asphalt (not low odor) is also planned.  It should take only about  one day and be done quickly after school is out as well.


Simultaneously, the inside work will cause local street traffic.  Crews will move all of the furniture out of the school the first week that school is out.  And then all through June and July, there will continue to be regular delivery of materials to finish off the interior rooms (carpet, tile VCT, acoustical tile, paint, ductwork, lights, casework, computer equipment, new furniture, etc.). Note that installing the actual landscape plantings will be done in Fall (September?).


Most construction will be complete by the end of July.  Then furniture, computer and other installations (with truck traffic) begin on August 2nd and should be complete by August 15th.


Remember that the city of Minneapolis decided to wait to resurface the streets surrounding the Lower Campus so that the construction truck traffic would not ruin the nice new streets.  So at some point after construction completion, the city will need to complete their street resurfacing project.  This schedule is unknown.