Medications in the Health
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 6:30 AM


To parents or guardian of students that have medication in the health office. The school year is coming to an end very quickly; We are just letting you know if your student has medication in the health office there are two ways to get your student’s medication back home.

1.   The medication can go home with the student with prior parent or guardian authorization.

2.   The parent or guardian can pick the medication up at the health office during health office hours M 11:00-3:00, Tues 9:40-4:10, W 10:00-3:00, Th 9:40-4:10, F 9:40-4:10. Please call the health office at 612-668-3222 or email Adrienne Bisping with your option of choice.


Thank-you, Adrienne Bisping, LPN Sarah Holden RN, LSN