Meet Ms McCoy, School Social Worker
Wednesday, March 10, 2021 5:35 AM

Our PTA Membership Chair caught up with Lynne McCoy, School Social Worker at Lake Harriet Community School.
What is your role at LHCS and how long have you been with the school?
I am a School Social Worker at Lake Harriet Upper Campus. This year is my 18th year at Upper Campus and before that I worked at Lower Campus for 8 years, back when it was called Audubon. The school mascot was Cardinals!
How you would like students to address you?
Students call me Ms. McCoy.
Please share a little about yourself: 
I am married to Steve and we have two grown kids, Megan and Ryan. We also have a toy poodle named Summit. I love to eat pizza.
What do you love about working with kids?
My favorite part of working with kids is their joy. I love the awkwardness of Middle Schoolers. The best part of my job has been finding ways to connect students to help one another.  
How has the PTA supported you?
PTA supports my work as a School Social Worker and my mantra from Paul Wellstone-We All Do Better, When We All Do Better. PTA supports students with funds to purchase school supplies, personal hygiene items, coats, Carnival tickets and Yearbooks.. When we needed Math tutors, PTA members stepped up and provided one on one tutoring for Middle School students. I am inspired by the generosity of LHCS PTA.
Do you have any hobbies or special interests outside of the classroom?
I practice yoga and like to share it with students. I am a curious learner and this year my social work peer group is reading My Grandmother's Hands which is about healing trauma in our bodies. During COVID I have been listening to podcasts, reading and watching movies.