Community News : Middle Graders: Film Festival Youth Jury Opportunity
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 5:05 AM

Do you know a middle school student filled with opinions and curiosity? The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival offers an amazing opportunity for ages 11-14 to experience different cultures and perspectives through the lens of World Cinema for kids. Youth Jurors will watch international feature films about kids their own age and take part in critical discussions in a fun, dynamic, out of school setting. No experience necessary! Training and mentorship provided.
Availability: Films screen during the day on the weekends of April 6-7 and 13-14 and on Saturday the 20th. Jurors are expected to see 8 films together at the festival and participate in a jury deliberation to award the Youth Jury Award for the best international film for young audiences on Saturday, April 20th. Jurors attend screenings for free and may bring a guest. Parents, guardians, and accompanying adults are welcome to attend the films but not required.
Jury members will be selected to represent a range of perspectives, based on young applicants’ passion for film and storytelling media, authentic voice, and commitment.
Please spread the word to youth and families--applications are open now. Deadline to apply is March 15. Questions? For more info email D. Girdwood