MPS Winter Weather Policies
Monday, November 6, 2017 6:25 AM


As we move deeper in the winter season, here’s a reminder on how MPS handles school during bad weather.


1.        The Superintendent makes the decision to cancel school or after-school activities based on the safety of our students and staff, severity and timing of weather, and the ability for buses and cars to travel safely. Visit this webpage for more specific information on why we might cancel.

2.       If the Superintendent decides to cancel school or activities, we will let you know by phone calls, texts, social media, website, radio, and your local news television station. To receive the phone calls and texts, make sure we’ve got your updated phone number in ESS. These instructions might help

3.       If school is canceled, whether or not you need to show up to work varies from position to position, so this fact sheet can help