Notes of importance to our Lower campus families/parents:
Monday, January 19, 2015 6:35 AM


Notes of importance to our Lower campus families/parents:

  1. Please welcome Amy Ikonen our new school secretary.  Please stop in the office and meet her.
  2. All drop off and pick up needs to happen on 41st and we ask that you please enter only through Door #1.  Note:  door #3 is for the Minneapolis Kids program.  If you are picking up and or dropping off students after the start of the day you must check in with the secretary in the office.  For the safety of our students she will buzz you in and we must insist that you stop and check in with her.
  3. All TDALE (Advanced Learner) results will be available at the end of the month.

Lower Camus Drop off reminder:  PLEASE READ

We are doing some review of the rules with students and feel that our parents need a review as well.

A reminder to drop students off at door #1 on 41st Street. Walkers to enter #1 as well.

There were increasing #s coming in at door 3 and we really need to keep it less congested for the Special Ed bus arrival. We also can’t monitor at door 3.