PTA Year End Wrap Up
Thursday, June 10, 2021 6:00 AM

This has been an interesting year for our families, students, and the PTA. We’ve missed hosting in-person events like the kindergarten picnic and open houses. Our two largest fundraisers, the DragonDash and the DragonFest Carnival were both huge successes despite being held virtually. Thank you so much to our amazing families who stepped up to support us - we are so grateful for your help! I’m sad that there are families new to our school who have never gotten to experience these events in person, but so excited for these events to return next year!
Some exciting things did happen this year: a new climbing wall was installed in the gym at UC, we were able to increase teacher stipends to help with distance and in-person learning, we had lunches delivered for our teachers in the fall and the spring, we funded subcriptions to online learning platforms, we provided recess equipment to both campuses when in-person learning started up this spring, and helped support our students in any way we could.  
Several organizations we partner with were able to switch to virtual formats to accommodate distance learning, including programming from the Bakken Museum, Compass Arts and Upstream Arts. The dulcimer unit was able to happen this year for the 3rd graders. And look for yearbooks for all students to be handed out before the end of the year!
As we move forward thinking about the 21-22 school year we understand there are a lot of changes happening for families and staff. Whether it’s moving to a new school or a new campus, or just hoping for a “regular” year, the PTA is committed to supporting our students, teachers and staff to the best of our abilities.
We always need volunteers, so please sign up to help where you can. Hopefully we will be seeing everyone’s smiling faces in person at the open houses and the blanket making activity this fall, and serving up snow cones and popcorn at the carnival next spring - especially our middle schoolers who missed out on their last two carnivals. Please know your family is always welcome at LHCS. Thank you all for your continued support both financially and volunteering. Our school can’t run without you.
One last note: this is the last year that parent volunteer and former PTA president, Nikki Niermann will be at LHCS. Nikki knows our schools inside and out, including the staff. She has worn every volunteer hat possible. She has shaped what our PTA is today and we are all the better for it. We are so fortunate to have had her at our school. Thank you, Nikki. You will be missed.