Read-a-Thon is a splashing success!
Monday, April 15, 2013 6:25 AM


Our Divers once again exceeded the 2013 Read-a-Thon goals on both levels! Congratulations to all the 441 families for their great reading and fundraising, which ultimately brought in nearly $29,000 for LHCS! We had 58% of K – 5 students participate and the average minutes read were 1,023. Collectively the students read an amazing 451,000 minutes during February. Amazing!


Here’s a breakdown of our top winners.


Most Pledges Raised

Top 3 from LC: Anja B. $570 (Grade 2); Elena H. $401 (Grade 1); Landon M. $400 (Grade 1)

Top 3 from UC: Mary G. $400 (Grade 4); Sofie C. $316 (Grade 3); Max S. $260 (Grade 4)


Most Minutes Read

Top 3 from LC: Ben C. 3,296 (Grade 2); Nora K. 3,005 (Grade 1); Elaine C. 2,910 (Grade 1)

Top 3 from UC: Madeleine H. 8,110 (Grade 5); Rachel S. 6,106 (Grade 5); Samantha N. 5,530 (Grade 4)


Nook Simple Touch e-Reader Winners

The students in the top 10 percent for reading and fundraising were entered into a drawing for three Nook Simple Touch e-Readers. Megan S, Sylvi B. and Madeleine H. were the winners. We had many other great prizes that were also awarded randomly to the divers in this category. These prizes, along with at least one for every participant were distributed the week of 3/25 to each classroom.


Deep Diver classrooms with the Most Minutes Read per Grade

LC: Mrs. Sisler (AM Kindergarten), Mrs. Lyga Jones (1st Grade), Mr. Devens (2nd Grade). Lower Campus will be enjoying pizza courtesy of Carbone’s.

UC: Mrs. Boerboon (3rd Grade), Mrs. Jorde (4th Grade) and Mrs. Weidenbach (5th Grade). Upper Campus will be enjoying their pizza from Michelangelo's.


Group Divers with 100% Class Participation

LC: There were no classes at Lower Campus that obtained 100% participation.

UC: Mrs. Boerboon (3rd) and Mr. Marchetti’s (3rd). These classes will be enjoying Dilly Bars courtesy of the Dairy Queen.


T-shirts & Sportpacks

Divers that raised $25+ will receive a limited edition Sportpack instead of a wristband. The t-shirts for those that raised $75+ are on the way too! Delivery to students will take place within the next two weeks and will be distributed through the classroom teachers.


Thank you to all the students, their families, teachers, volunteers and our generous sponsors that helped make this year’s Read-a-Thon an all-time best!