Site Council Equity Team Update
Monday, May 4, 2015 6:30 AM


Equity Team members have attended a workshop at the Children’s Theatre about how to talk with children about race. We are hoping to use what we learned as we continue to develop a vision for equity at LHCS. We hosted a Cyber Bullying presentation for parents in March at the Upper Campus. If anyone is interested to learn more about the topic, please contact Julie Hirsch, School Psychologist at LHCS.

The third grade has begun to develop a leadership team, as modeled after the leadership framework at the Upper Campus

We are hosting a Parties Galore - it is a Family Bowling Party at Park Tavern on Sunday, May 31st. We hope that all people feel welcome to attend! Please register on the LHCS website.

We are currently developing a survey to administer to students this spring. The survey will be similar to the one given to parents/families last spring on the culture of inclusion on LHCS. You can find the summary of results from the parent survey on the Site Council website. We use the data from the surveys to inform the vision of the equity team.

The Equity Team meets the first Wednesday of every month at 4:15pm in the media of the Upper Campus. All are welcome to attend.

If you have questions, please contact Tiffany Moore.