Solar Panels at Lake Harriet Lower
Monday, October 6, 2014 6:40 AM


Lake Harriet was selected as a school to receive Solar Panel based on a lottery through Xcel Energy.  Other MSP sites selected are:  Folwell, Green, Olson, Ramsey, Washburn, and Kenny.

Project Scope: We are installing Solar Panels on the roof; each panel will be tied into our Electrical Panel in the building.   The solar panels help supplement energy, and the District benefits from rebates from Xcel Energy.

This benefits our curriculum because when complete, there will be a web based monitoring device called eGauge that will be tied into the solar panels. We will have the ability to log in and monitor how many Kw of energy are being produced from the sun (they also measure the energy savings by # of trees saved, cars off the road, etc. to make it kid friendly.)

More information to follow.