Spelling Bee Champ
Monday, February 2, 2015 6:45 AM


Congratulations to Grace L., who won the LHCS Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 14th. Grace correctly out spelled 13 other semifinalists to win the Bee and went on to the district bee on January 22nd at Sheridan School where she made it through four rounds. Congratulations also to our other super-spellers: Haley B, Sage C, Isla E, Luke J, Akshay K, Emma M, Sigrid S, Rachel S, Nate S, Noah S, Alycia T, and Anders U, as well as Olivia F, who finished a very close second to Grace in the LHCS Bee. Special thanks to Joy Shimmin Olson for helping me (Kirsten Gregerson) with organizing this year's LHCS Spelling Bee and to Dawn Prinsen, Gretchen Lieving, Ellen Penningroth, Stacie Vandermyde and Gregg Townsend for helping with the bee.