Fall 2020 Technology Survey
Tuesday, September 1, 2020 12:00 PM

Distance Learning

** If you need a chromebook for grades 3 - 8, you can stop by door 13 (Vincent) at Upper Campus from 1:00 - 3:00 pm Thursday, 9/3/20.**

Dear Lake Harriet Community School Families,


We hope you have all had a wonderful summer.  We are in our first stage of assessing the technology needs of our Lake Harriet families. It is the goal of MPS that each student will have their own device for Distance Learning; however students Prek-2 may have to share district-issued iPads to start the year with one sibling.

Complete the survey at the bottom by the end of the week to request the devices that will enable your learner to have the best access possible. If you have additional questions, add them to the final question in the survey. If you cannot access the survey, contact Principal Schleisman at the Upper Campus or Principal Ness at the Lower Campus.



We will attempt to get devices to all students before school starts if possible.  Please fill out the survey as soon as you can.



  • What if a student has a personal device they would like to use instead of an MPS-issued device?
    • If a student has a device with a functioning camera and web-browsing capabilities, then they can use that. Some students have computers at home that they would prefer to use. If they find they are running into too many support issues using their own device, we can assign an MPS device to them as needed. If all they have is a smartphone, they should request a Chromebook or iPad. If a K-2 student has a Kindle Fire, they should request an iPad since Lexia and Dreambox may not work on a Kindle Fire.
  • Does each student who needs one get a device?
  • Grades PreK to 2: iPads (tablet): Any student with at least one other sibling in this age range may need to share the iPad. Parents should request one per child.
  • Grades 3 to 12: Chromebooks: Students in grades 3-12 who need one should request a Chromebook. Note: If a student is entering 3rd grade this year, they need to turn in their MPS-issued iPad for a Chromebook.
  • Grades PreK to 2: Any iPad that runs the current Apple iOS system (13 or up)
  • Grades 3 to 12: Any device that runs the current version of the Chrome browser (83 and up). Chrome can be downloaded for free on Mac or PC computers. Devices should also have camera capabilities so a student can share their video.
  • Complete the survey, one per household by Friday, August 14. School staff will follow-up with families if additional information is needed.
  • Here is the link to the survey.
  • What are the minimum system requirements if a family wants to use their own device? K-2 can run current Apps from the App Store.  3-8 can access Google apps.

LHCS Technology Device Survey

All K-2 students will need an iPad. Other tablets, including Amazon Fires, will not support the applications that students will be required to use for learning. All 3-8 grade students will need a Chromebook or computer with access the Chrome browser.


Thank you for helping us prepare for our school year together!


Angie Ness



Walter Schleisman



Ashley Gillingham