True Food Taste Test!
Monday, May 9, 2016 6:25 AM


During lunch on May 19th, students at both the Upper and the Lower Campus will taste a new Spring Quinoa—with fresh lemon, mint and asparagus. The goals of tastes test are to get students excited to try new, flavorful foods and encourage them to think critically about their food (beyond just whether they like or dislike it). Students will have a chance to participate in the New Name Contest to rename the dish when it’s served on our menu.


For more information and the recipe, visit Taste Tests are made possible by the Wedge Community Co-op.


Fun Facts about Quinoa:

●     Although it’s usually called a grain, quinoa is actually a seed.

●     Quinoa has been eaten for 4,000 years!

●     It is originally from South America, where it is a sacred crop to Inca people.

●     Quinoa stalks can grow to be nine feet tall and are bright magenta (pink) in color!

●     There are over 120 different kinds of quinoa.

●     Quinoa is high in fiber, magnesium, and protein.