Updated Attendance Policy
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 7:00 AM


Dear Lake Harriet Lower Parents,
As you know Lake Harriet Lower has made some changes in our attendance policy.  We have implemented a phone tree.  When you call 612-668-3210 you will be prompted to choose an option.

1.   Attendance

2.   Health Office

3.   Transportation

4.   Social Worker

5.   Main Office

If your student is absent or going to be late (for any medical appointment, automobile issues, weather conditions) please choose option 1, leave a message with the students name, id number, and reason for absent or being late. If your student is late for a medical appointment please have a doctor’s note available for the visit.
If a student is running late for any other reason than listed above please bring your student if in grades K-2 to the health office to receive a late pass.
3rd grade students can come to the health office to sign in and get a late pass without parent approval.
This helps Lake Harriet Lower able to make sure that our attendance policy is in place and your students attendance is being properly recorded.

Best Regards,
Anita Humphreys, LPN