We Are Silent Day
Monday, January 18, 2016 6:25 AM


Friday, January 22


A Student Leadership Initiative


On Friday, January 22nd students at Lake Harriet Upper will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday by honoring his life's work with a “We Are Silent Day.” Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, but childhood issues like poverty, hunger and barriers to education drown out the voices of kids around the world. On Wednesday, January 20th, student leaders will share information with their peers about taking a vow of silence to crank up the volume on the struggles of kids fighting for their basic human rights.


All students will be invited to take a vow by filling out a pledge card to go silent on Friday, January 22nd. Students will attend their classes as normal. If they have chosen to go silent they will be expected to participate if a teacher calls on them. They are to hold their silence in the hallways, at lunch and recess. At the end of the school day we will come together in the gym for our 2nd Quarter Assembly featuring students with kinesthetic skills.