What does it mean to be a walker at Lower?
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 6:20 AM

crossing guard

Lake Harriet Lower offers the opportunity for students with their parents’ permission to walk home from school. Students are walked to the corners of 41th and Drew and/or 41th and Chowen by their classroom teacher.  They are met at the corner by our specialist staff (the art, music, media or physical education teacher) who will be wearing a safety vest and holding a patrol flag.  The Specialist staff will safely walk your child across the street.


We ask parents that are allowing their children to walk to please educate your child how to get home once they have been crossed.  We understand that you will need to walk with them a time or two until they learn their way, after which we ask that they walk on their own and you meet them at home.


This opportunity is for walkers only.  If you are a parent who is picking up your child you must park your car and wait on the corner of 40th and Drew (our parent pick-up corner) with the other parents.