2014 Read-a-Thon Tops the Charts!
Monday, April 7, 2014 6:40 AM


Our Rock Stars once again exceeded the 2014 Read-a-Thon goals on both levels! Congratulations to all the 578 families for their great reading and fundraising, which brought in $30,668 for LHCS! We had 70% of K – 5 students participate and the average minutes read were 976. Collectively the students read an amazing 564,350 minutes during February. Rock On!

Here’s a breakdown of our chart toppers!

Top Grade Level Minute Readers

The Lake Harriet Lodge Foundation, Inc., Minnesota Masonic Charities and the Lake Harriet PTA proudly presented certificates for a bike and helmet redeemable at Penn Cycle for Most Minutes Read during the 2014 Read-a-Thon to the following winners:

Kindergarten: Aidan A. (1,965), Grade 1: James M. (2,152), Grade 2: Nora K. (5,040), Grade 3: Sylvi B. (4,670), Grade 4: Xavier D. (5,045), Grade 5: Samantha N. (6,236).

Most Pledges Raised Top 3 from LC: Bennett E. $356 (Grade K); Kate G. $331 (Grade 3); Andie G. $278 (Grade 1)

Top 3 from UC: Sofie U-C. $436 (Grade 4); Xavier D. $250 (Grade 4); Ella H. $220 (Grade 5)

Most Minutes Read Top 3 from LC: Nora K. 5,040 (Grade 2); Sylvi B. 4,670 (Grade 3); Rachel R. 3,635 (Grade 3) Top 3 from UC: Samantha N. 6,236 (Grade 5); Xavier D. 5,045 (Grade 4); Alex K. 5,040 (Grade 4)

The students in the top 10 percent for reading and fundraising were entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire HD tablet and Lily J. (Grade K) was our winner! We had many other great prizes that were also awarded randomly to the V.I.P. Rock Stars in this category. These prizes, along with participation prizes, t-shirts and sports bags were distributed the week of 3/24 to each classroom.

The “Red Carpet Treatment” was given to the following classrooms that had the Most Minutes Read per Grade. They received pizza courtesy of Carbone’s!

Kindergarten: Carlson PM (14,129), Grade 1: Lyga Jones (19,719), Grade 2: Jurgens (22,853), Grade 3: Pier (36,741), Grade 4: Leipitz (36,977), Grade 5: Boerboon (34,965)

The “Encore Performance” classrooms with 100% Class Participation celebrated with Dilly Bars courtesy of Dairy Queen.

Grade 1: Perez, Grade 2: Jurgens, Grade 3: Brandon, Grade 4: Liepitz, Grade 5: Boerboon

Thank you to all the students, their families, teachers, volunteers and our generous sponsors that helped make this year’s Read-a-Thon an all-time best! It couldn't happened without all your support.

 Keep on rockin’ the read! Amy Mimick