Fall 2012 Photos

View pictures here through the end of January. Thanks to parent Rich Ryan for his photography!  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0nno2xf1u0sr3dr/ovYjJxclaa

May 2012 GEMS/GISE Circuity Expo

LHCS GEMS and GISE students learned about electrical circuits during the Spring.  Groups of students made a game which demonstrated the use of circuits.  The games were presented at Anishinabe Academy and each group took home several awards.  The day also included fun and educational demonstrations about electricity from the Bakken. 

Double Deuce at the January 28 2012 State Tournament

Congratulations to the Double Deuce team advanced to and competed in the State Tournament on January 28, 2012!  Check out the photos from the event.

First Lego League District Competition - Jan 14 2012

Eight Lake Harriet GEMS and GISE teams competed in the First Lego League district competition at Ann Sullivan/Anishinabe School on Saturday, January 14.  The teamwork and innovation that the teams exhibited with the guidance of coaches Marchetti and Tousignant was inspirational.  In addition to a fun day of science and engineering competition, Lake Harriet won several awards and the GEMS team "Double Duece" is advancing to State.  

Each team competed in Core Values, a Presentation on Innovative Food Handling, a demonstration to judges about their robot programming techniques, and the very exciting team robot competition.

FLL District Competition - January 15 2011

The district competition was a huge success for the 8 Lake Harriet teams participating.  Click on the title for a Google Picasa web album which can be viewed as a slideshow. 

CO2 Dragster Rally - May 7 2011

LHCS GEMS and GISE students participated in the "CO2 Dragster Rally" on May 7 at Washburn High.  The team work and enthusiasm was inspiring.  Science and Engineering can be fun!

FLL District Gallery 2 - Jan 15 2011

More great photos from a Lake Harriet parent.

Lego Robots Scrimmage - Jan 8 2011

A practice scrimmage was held at Lake Harriet UC on Saturday, January 8 in preparation for the district competition.  The teamwork evident in the presentations and robot programs was inspiring.  Check out the photos by clicking the link above and then click the photo to enter the Google gallery which can be viewed as a slideshow. 

Rocket Launch - May 27 2010

Click the title to see a collection of photos from Mr. Marchetti's S.T.E.M class's Rocket Launch 2010. 

Balloon Car Races - February 2010

Click the title to see the photo gallery.  The model rockets session is off an running with an intro to balloon powered cars. 

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