Food in the Classroom

Fall 2012 Notes:  Minneapolis Public Schools district food policy no longer allows any foods with nuts or those foods produced in a facility that produces nut based products.

Student birthday celebrations in school should not include food products – even in the cafeteria. Parents may choose novelty note pads, pencils, erasers, etc. if they are inclined to distribute a birthday favor.


The serving of food other than designated meal programs in school can be a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Special occasions lend themselves to the enjoyment of a variety of food in the classroom experience. The decision to serve food in the classroom will be made by the classroom teacher. This regulation does not obligate any class to serve food. Teachers are responsible for knowledge of students' health conditions, such as diabetes, allergies, and dietary restrictions. 

The following guidelines are designed to help the teacher in making decisions regarding food:

  • Food must be commercially prepared or prepared in an approved central place by a few persons instructed in the accepted techniques of food handling.
  • When serving food, teachers must be aware of and implement personal hygiene practices (for example, a thorough soaping and washing of hands before eating).
  • Suggested foods include apples, fruit, popcorn, fruit juice, and commercially prepared, individually wrapped ice cream products. Teachers will use common sense regarding the quantity and quality of food.
  • When utensils are necessary, use disposable (single service) containers and utensils.