Play Date Policy

Lower Campus:
Parents wishing to arrange play dates for their children at the Lower Campus should do so independently of school. Students may not ride on buses that they are not regularly assigned. Bus drivers will drop students off at their regular stops only. Possible alternatives are:

  • Plan to pick up your child and guest after they have arrived home from school or
  • Pick them up at their bus stop.

Only parents of the student can sign them out from school. Other LHCS parents are not allowed to come to school before dismissal to pick-up and sign out a child for a play date. In emergency cases ONLY, the school must have written permission or direct phone contact with both parents involved (parent picking up and parent of child being picked up) in advance.

Parents that normally walk or transport their child to school may pick up another walking student or parent transport child outside of Door #1 on the center sidewalk only if the student has a note from their parent, given tot he teacher, giving authorization to the other parent.

Upper Campus:
Upper Campus students must have written permission from BOTH families in order to obtain a bus pass to ride a different bus or get off at another stop. These arrangements should be made outside of school. Both students affected must bring a note from home and come to the office in the morning for a bus pass. Students are not permitted to ride a bus unless they have a bus pass.