Welcome to Distance Learning with Mr. Christy

Starting Our Online Learning

Instructions for getting started on Monday, April 6

Prepared by Mr. Ray Christy


●           My office hours will be from  9:30-11:30 am/daily (M-F).

○          This means I will be available online and you can expect an almost immediate reply via email. 

○          It also means that during the off hours, I will be busy creating new lessons, meeting/planning with teachers, and providing feedback on student work.


●          Each morning, I will have an announcement  of each day’s lesson by 9:00  You can expect to see the learning target for the day’s lesson.

●          Plan for 40 - 60 minutes of daily student work time for reading

●          Plan for 40 - 60 minutes of daily student work time for math

●          Plan for 50 minutes weekly of social studies and science

●          Plan for about 20 - 30 minutes of daily student work time for specialists

○          You will receive your Specialist Choice Board every Monday

○          Students select a daily activity to complete each day


                  You should already have received an invitation to join my classroom, but if you haven’t, here’s how to access my Google Classroom.



Google Meet or Video Chat

As we transition into Distance Learning Instruction, you may be invited to join a live optional session with your teacher(s) using Google Meet and/or Zoom, or post a video on Flip Gird for example. All online interaction is an extension of the physical classroom, and expectations of your behavior online is the same as what we would expect in the classroom.

●          When joining a session, you should be in a public location of your home, not in a bedroom or bathroom.

●          If chat features are available, you are held to the MPS behavior policy guidelines and we expect all online conversations to be respectful to ourselves, to other students and staff, and to our community. 

●          After you join the meeting, you should have your microphone muted. If you would like to speak, we ask that you use the built in chat messaging to request to unmute. This will assist your teacher in facilitating the session and give you and your fellow students the best learning experience possible.

●          If you would prefer to join only by audio, you can place tape on your Webcam, or choose not to activate your camera when you join the meeting.


                  Please feel free to email any questions. I’m sure there will be many. ME INCLUDED!


To be determined. Not all lessons require a student response that requires Teacher attention.


●          We are going to start slow, so don’t expect a lot of work the first few days and up to a week.  This slow-rollout is recommended by the district and is supported by LHCS.  It is important to ensure all students have access to online/distance learning.  In order to ensure I am able to reach everyone, I am going to be diligently tracking who responds to the assignments.  It is vital that all students log on to my Google Classroom on a daily basis.  When I feel confident that all students are receiving the information and are able to send assignments back to me, I will move to a more rigorous daily agenda.  Bear with us as we all move to this new way of teaching and learning.


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