2021 Read-A-Thon

Mark your calendar! The 2021 LHCS Read-A-Thon is February 1st - February 28th.

During the month of February, Kindergarten-5th grade students will keep track of ALL the minutes they read - or minutes a parent reads to them - outside of school time. Please print this calendar and use it to track these minutes every day beginning February 1st and ending February 28th. There is usually a fundraising component to the Read-A-Thon, but we are fogoing it this year due to Covid.

Parents will need to take an active role in helping their student(s) keep track of the minutes. All minutes read by students (or by parents to students) should be written on the calendarALL minutes read must be entered online by parents by noon on Friday, March 5th (links are below). Minutes read in class do not count towards Read-a-Thon goals (unless a teacher holds a "Read In" event and shares it with the Read-A-Thon coordinator). 

The student in each grade with the highest number of minutes read will win a brand new bike and helmet! The bikes and helmets are donated by the Minnesota Masonic Charities/Lake Harriet Lodge Bikes For Books Program. We are so grateful for their support.

The PTA is also sponsoring random drawings for each grade level. Two students in each grade who read at least 840 minutes during the month of February will have their names entered into a random drawing for a brand new Kindle! 

We know things are different this year with Covid and returning to school/distance learning, so we wanted to make this event as easy as possible for parents and teachers - but still maintain the fun! 

Below are the links to enter the minutes your student read during the month of February. Please do not enter daily minutes read. Enter the TOTAL at the end of the month. Thanks. 



Derek Carlson

Amy Hollembeak

Tammy Mahony

Rebecca Wright


1st Grade:

Katelyn Bruce

Taylor Clarke

Kellie Perez

Kelly Pier

Mary Rice

Susan Saly


2nd Grade:

Scott Devens

Theresa Harich

Anita Kangas

Debi Mattson

Meghan McCann


3rd Grade:

Janet Glocker

Katie Falk

Leif Hallen

Dawn Porter

Paige Seegers


4th Grade:

Jane Liepitz/Nicole Zeltinger

Amy O'Hara

Ray Christy

Anthea Bibuka


5th Grade:

Daniel Magnuson

John Murphy

Brian Badenhoff

Jeff Tousignant


Big thank you to the 2020 Read-A-Thon Team for all of their work putting this event together last year.  

Used Book Sales:

LC - Molly Just & Kelsey Tritabaugh

UC - Sheri Williams & Stephanie Swierenga

Wild Rumpus Sale:

Andrea Kasak


Louisa Jaehn

99Pledges Website:

Claire Bryan


Nikki Niermann 

Please contact  Nikki Niermann with any questions.