PTA sponsored Enrichment Programs

See below for a description of just some of the great things PTA funds do for LHCS:.

Art Adventure- A program developed by the Minnesota Institute of Arts (MIA) which provides a way of bringing works of art into K-5 elementary school classrooms and exposing children to ways of looking and appreciating artwork. Trained volunteers present students with a rare opportunity to spend time looking at art and express what they see in words.  Students gain confidence in their ability to find meaning in artifacts from a wide range of world cultures.  They practice seeing things from another person’s point of view, whether it’s their classmates or the artists.  Grant money is used to provide training for the volunteers.

Chess Club- Lake Harriet Chess Club has a membership of approx. 175 kids that participate in weekly chess club meetings and attend a select number of tournaments.  Grant money is used for awards, trophies, USCF club membership and materials.

Bakken Museum Partnership- The Bakken and Lake Harriet Community School have worked together to bring science enrichment opportunities to LHCS students and families.  The project allows Bakken educators to work in partnership with classroom teachers to adapt a series of class sessions that use creative dramatics and storytelling to explore the relationship between Art and Science.  An example, the Bakken would create a series of lesson plans that would explore the basic ideas and vocabulary of the Electricity/Magnetism science unit that the fourth graders would study.  The Bakken Partnership currently serves the Lower Campus and grades 3, 4, and 6th.  Grant money is used to cover in School Presentations, Science and Learning Fair, Bakken Educators and materials.

Junior Great Books- A trained volunteer facilitator meets weekly with a group of 8-10 children and serves as a book club leader.  The program uses the “shared inquiry” method of critical thinking to help students to interpret, analyze and discuss age-appropriate literature and to support an argument with reason and evidence.  The “shared-inquiry” method includes:  interpretive activities which provide a structure for thoughtful, active reading.  Junior Great Books serves students in grades 2-5.

Service Learning- This project’s goal is to help students achieve a greater awareness of our community, its diversity, its resources and its needs through community-based services.  The after school club affects 3-8 grade participants and meets weekly to address the environment, poverty and neighbors/community.  Service Learning Days for Middle School students include two days of community-based service, activities, reflection, and goal setting planned and facilitated by Urban Immersion (UI). Grant money is used for training and bus transportation.

Family Involvement events- This would include Parent Involvement day, Volunteer Appreciation Day as well as the School Handbook made for the middle grades.

History Day- This is a competition for grades 6-8.  Students research and study events in history and can do a presentation in one of several categories either individually or in a group.  The presentations are judged in each category at the School District level.  Winners can go onto State and National competitions in Washington DC.

Others PTA supported programs include: School directory /yearbook, LHCS newsletter, field days, snow days, STEAM day, Math Counts, Middle School Forums, Science & Learning Fair, and Spelling Bee.