LHCS Communication Policy
Please note:  This is an evolving document created by the Education Council

1. Staff will state their preference of communication to parents (e-mail or
voice mail) on their websites; parents felt this would be helpful information. Regardless of staff’s preference, they are expected to check their voice Mail and e-mail daily and respond in a timely manner.

2. Phone calls to classes will be limited to emergencies, students being
picked up, or administrative reasons.

3. At the upper campus, non-emergency messages for students will be
collected during the day.  At approximately 3:00 p.m., student messengers will be summoned to deliver messages to students.

4. Teachers need to monitor reasons why students need to use the phone.
 Judgment should be exercised to limit disruptions.  If students are allowed to use the phone, encourage them to leave a message if no one answers.  Leaving messages alleviates parents from being overly concerned by a call from school for unknown reasons.

5. If a student calls home to have a forgotten item dropped off, the
following procedures for retrieving the item will be implemented:
  • K-5 – The parent will check in at the office, then deliver the item to the student’s classroom or locker.
  • 6-8 -  The parent will drop the item off where the student can retrieveit at a convenient time.  Classrooms will not be called.  If the student has not picked up the item by 3:00, it will be delivered to the student by the messengers.
6. Personal phone use by staff during student contact time:
  • Instructional time should not be interrupted with telephone calls; this applies to the use of personal cell phones, receiving and making calls.  Personal cell phones may be on during duty-free lunch and planning time.  If there are emergencies, please alert the office so that calls to the switchboard will be forwarded.

Approved by the LHCS Education Council 12/19/2006