Lower Campus

Through the lens of racial equity, Minneapolis Public Schools provide culturally relevant resources and leads the implementation of research based instructional practices that ensures all students meet or exceed grade level standards.

MPS Vision

  • Liberated scholars,
  • Inspired educators,
  • Engaged communities,
  • Exceptional outcomes

MPS Values

  1. Racial Equity
  2. Research/Evidence based best practices
  3. Direct Student Impact (measurement and data)

Learning Units


First Grade

Second Grade 

One of a teacher’s greatest challenges is adapting instruction to meet individual student needs. Since not all students come into a class at the same place in their learning, we know it is necessary to differentiate, or tailor instruction uniquely, for every student. Teachers collaborate with the K-2 Content Specialist to differentiate for students according to their levels of readiness, interests and learning styles

Contact Ashley Gillingham, K-2 Literacy, Math and Differentiation Specialist for more information.