“WREP” - Weather Related Exit Plan for Lower campus

Details of the plan:

This plan is being designed when the weather (rain, snow etc.) prevents us from exiting the building as usual at dismissal time.


1.     This “WREP”plan will be announced over the PA with a music chime followed by an announcement by the Principal or Social Worker.  The announcement will be made in advance of the usual bus dismissal time.

2.     Once the announcement is made all classroom teachers will walk their classroom down to the gym.  Once inside the gym your students will get into their bus line (bus numbers will be placed on the walls by the transportation coordinator before heading outside to the bus lane).

3.Teachers will then exit the gym with their walkers and parent pick up students and walk these students outside to both areas. (Door #2 down the first grade hallway is available for this)  No one will be allowed to exit the building before 4:00 p.m.

4.     Teacher teams who have late bus duty will need to walk their walkers and parent pick up students outside and then the entire team will need to reassemble in the gym.

5.     The Principal or Social Worker will announce buses as they arrive and a teacher from the late bus duty team and all specialists that are not assigned to cross walk duty will walk them out to the buses exiting door #6 near the media.

6.     The transportation coordinator will be at the bus lane letting us know when the buses have arrived.

7.     The secretary will notify the Upper campus and call the transportation department for information about any late buses.

8.     The Principal or the Social Worker will make the PA announcement and the other will help with crowd control in the gym along with the remaining late bus duty teachers.