Our Specialists
Students at the lower campus traveling as blood cells through the body

Lower Campus Specialists

Ms. Chase, Physical Education

  • PE Curriculum Night 

Ms. Hatz, Art


Mr. Brown, Music

Upper Campus Specialists

Mr. Benson, Instrumental Music

Mr. DePerry, Physcial Education

Mr. Fahro, Music

 Ms. McGraw, Art




Students at Lake Harriet Community School receive a well-rounded and challenging education, in part due to the specialist areas that are an integral piece of the over-all curriculum.  Beginning in kindergarten, students are educated by specialists in the areas of media, physical education, and the arts, art/music. 

From the primary grades through middle school, students are exposed to and taught basic skills in each area and are challenged to continually build on their skills, knowledge, and creativity.  In each specialist area there are special and unique projects, programs, and featured events that highlight the programs.

As part of the standard curriculum, Lake Harriet also offers a Gifted and Talented Program, Catalyst Program, Junior Great Books, Art Adventure, arts residencies.

In addition to the standard curriculum, Lake Harriet offers many optional curricular activities, including a variety of sports, before-school and after-school Spanish classes (for a fee), choir, band, orchestra, and a chess club – with over 100 students and many national champions.    

*For a more complete description of each specialist area, please refer to the specialist web pages.