Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast is offered to all students free of charge. Breakfast for adults is $2.00. Additional breakfast entrees are $1.50 for students and adults.

Lunch prices are as follows:

  • Regular-price lunch for students (pre K- 8): $2.50, for adults $3.25
  • Additional lunch entrees are $2.50 for students and $3.25 for adults
  • Reduced-price lunch: free
  • Container of milk or juice: $0.50

The nutrition center prefers to have parents pay online through Titan. Money for food services may also be given to the student’s homeroom teacher, who will deposit the money into the student’s account or via the phone through PAMS Lunchroom.  Each student is provided with a PIN to purchase breakfast, lunch, and milk.. The system is prepay and does not allow for negative balances or purchasing “on credit.” If a student’s account balance is inadequate to pay for lunch, he or she will receive a non-payers lunch (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an eight-ounce carton of milk).

Hennepin County will send the information regarding those who qualify for free/reduced lunches directly to the Nutrition Center and Food Services Managers. If you do not receive assistance from Hennepin County but believe you may qualify for the free/reduced lunch program, please complete the “Application for Free and Reduced Meals” which was included in the registration packet. Please complete the form even if you think you might be eligible but would choose to not participate (i.e., your child brings a lunch from home). The school needs to keep track of eligible children for our funding.

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