5th & 6th Grade Math Competitions
Monday, June 4, 2018 12:40 AM


Congratulations to LHCS 5th & 6th graders who competed in the MPS math competitions in the past month. Here’s a shout out to 5th graders Oliver E, Theo B-Z, Jayce B, Reece J, Kai H, Evie S, Nithali P, Evan B, Will F, Evan M, Beckett K, Andrew W and Matthew W as well as 6th graders Milo S, Grace D, Emily S, Olyn R, Simon M, Zeke B, Meghan M, Darby Z, Sophie J, Ariana A, Intelligent A and Mason D. They all gave up five early mornings before school to practice and then competed against a host of other MPS teams in 3-hour competitions on a Saturday morning this past month. They represented LHCS very well.


  • 5th grade award winners included Will F, Evan M, Jayce B, Andrew W, Theo B-Z and Reece J.
  • 6th grade award winners included Zeke B, Grace D, Emily S, Sophie J, Ariana A and Darcy Z. In addition, the 6th grader group placed third in the overall school award category for aggregate performance.

Way to go Mathletes!