Special Dietary Needs:

Menu Substitutions or Modifications

USDA does not allow schools to make substitutions or modifications to the diet without an adequate diet order.  The student must have a disability that restricts the diet and substitutions and modifications must be specifically identified on the medical statement before Minneapolis Public Schools will make the accommodation.  The medical statement must be completed and signed by a physician. 

Lactose Intolerance

Under MN State Statute 124D.111, schools are required to provide lactose reduced milk for students that are lactose intolerant and provide a written request to the Nutrition Center.  Minneapolis Public Schools purchase lactose reduced milk from our milk provider upon written request from a parent.  A physician’s signature is not required for lactose reduced milk.  Please complete the lactose reduced milk section of the medical statement and return it to the school if you would like your child to receive lactose reduced milk.