All families are being encouraged to complete the lunch benefits form
Monday, October 15, 2018 5:40 AM

ALL families with children enrolled in the district should complete an Application for Educational Benefits (sometimes called the Free and Reduced Lunch Form) each year. This is essential because it determines the school’s level of State (Compensatory Education or CompEd) and Federal (Title I) dollars that are allocated to each school to support students who need additional resources. Typically services focus on providing additional help in reading and/or math instruction, but services could include social skills instruction, attendance support, health services, etc 
It is important that families fill out the form so we can determine the needs of our students. We want to make sure we have the resources to support our students. It is helpful for all families to fill out the form even if you think you don't qualify for benefits. Based on last year's numbers we are very close to the cutoff to receive extra funding (Title I). It can be done really quickly online here. Paper forms can be picked up in the school office. We believe the deadline is Tuesday but please fill out even if you miss the deadline.