Arrival and Dismissal Updates
Wednesday, March 31, 2021 5:20 AM

Two weeks ago, the MPS Safe Routes to School team was invited to do an audit of our arrival and dismissal routines. Overall, they were very positive about our procedures. Minimal of the most dangerous behaviors, such as mid-block crossings, u-turns, double park, speeding, were observed. Here are the team's recommendations:
  1. Prioritize snow clearance all around the school.
  2. Provide walk safety education to caregivers:
  3. Congestion of car traffic and parked cars made it difficult at times for buses to proceed. They recommend parking on Beard and Abbott to help disperse car traffic. (See map attachment) The overall suggestion was to encourage families to use wider walking routes, which has environmental and physical health benefits, as well.
  4. A single crossing guard is not sufficient for this corner. They recommend 2-3 adults. In the morning, we often have 2 staff members but could recruit parent volunteers as crossing guards. Training would be provided. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, contact Principal Ness
Thank you for your help with reinforcing safe arrival and dismissal routines and expectations. Both the arrival and departure has been getting more and more efficient. The warm weather has also been helpful.