Art Show Winners
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 12:25 AM

I wanted to extend a very warm thank you to all the volunteers that helped me this year with the art show. I feel like it was successful and it was a pleasure to put on for you. I want to shout out a huge thank you to Meredith Smith, Jozie Rutten, Jen Cuff, Mark Deyoung, Ian Kees, Tiffany Moore, Rhonda Bonnabeau, Corrine Tomasko, Deb Hansen, Peter Thein, Matt Striet, Katie Bloomer and Melissa Pederson. I could not have pulled this off without you guys! 
The students that were in the art show where selected during our critique day when fellow students decided who should represent their class in the art show at the end of the year. I then had judges come through with various backgrounds to make sure that all aspects of the art was taken into consideration. Following below is the list of winners at this year’s show. Overall winners receive a $10 gift card to Michael’s craft store! I had four qualified judges this year going around to make sure we chose the best ones. The overall for each grade level was determined by the fourth judge taking into consideration all votes and projects that was present in the art show. Thank you again for everyone’s support and for everyone who participated.
-Mrs. Laura Hale


4th Grade Winners
Overall Winner: Willa T.
First Place: Keira W.- Taking a Line for a Walk, Amber C.- Dream Catchers, Helen C.- Pop Art Social Statements, Willa T.- Forms 
Second Place: Katrin W.- Taking a Line for a Walk, Katrin W.- Dream Catchers, Willa T.- Pop Art Social Statements, Isabelle J.- Forms 
Third PlaceJulie R.- Taking a Line for a Walk, Sequoia B.- Dream Catchers, Mary B.- Pop Art Social Statements, Helen C.- Forms 
5th Grade Winners
Overall Winner: Nithali P.
First Place: Isabelle A.- String Art, Maeve R.- Baskets, Isabelle H.- Pop Art Social Statements, Nithali P.- Forms 
Second Place: Nithali P.- String Art, Nithali P.- Baskets, Finnian L.- Pop Art Social Statements, Vivian P.- Forms 
Third Place: Oliver E.- String Art, Vivian J.- Baskets, Sammy W.- Pop Art Social Statements, Lael T.- Forms 
6th Grade Winners
Overall Winner: Adeline S.
First Place: Owen S.- Catapult Expressionism, Adeline S.- Build your Bedroom, Lewis W.- Under the Lines, Kat G.- Rugs 
Second Place: Darby Z.- Under the Lines, Eliza B.- Rugs, Mason D.- Catapult Expressionism, Avery S.- Build your Bedroom 
Third Place: Ariana A.- Under the Lines, Adeline S.- Rugs, Cash C.- Catapult Expressionism, Ariana A.- Build your Bedroom
7th Grade Winners
Overall Winner: Gunnar S.
First PlaceElla K.- Optical Illusions, Ruby C.- Ink Block Origami, Maia M.- 3D Idioms 
Second PlaceElsa F.- Optical Illusions, Xaria W.- Ink Block Origamii, Lily H.- 3D Idioms 
Third Place: Clare B.- Optical Illusions, Aidan M.- Ink Block Origami, Sylvi B.-3D Idioms 
8th Grade Winners
Overall Winner: Elena W.
First Place: Talia C.-Combined Optical Illusions, Elise K.- Drawing Unit, Allison H.- 3D Idioms 
Second Place: Georgia R.- Drawing Unit, Bryn G.- 3D Idioms, Elena W.- Combined Optical Illusions 
Third Place: Ava P.- Combined Optical Illusions, Molly K.- Drawing Unit, Ameya P.- 3D Idioms 
Advanced 8th Grade Winners
Overall Winner: Sophia B.
First Place: Sophia B.-Zentangle Illusions, Sophia B.- Graphic Novels/ Comic Books 
Second Place: Sydney T.- Zentangle Illusions, Owen R.- Graphic Novel/ Comic Books 
Third Place: Olivia F.- Zentangle Illusions, Sam F.- Graphic Novels/ Comic Books