Monday, October 24, 2016 7:15 AM


Dear Parents of students at Lake Harriet Lower Campus

Effective immediately (10-3-16) the health office is now taking attendance, please call the attendance line 612-668-3210 or the health office 612-668-3222 with your student's absence before the school day starts.

We realize that it is convenient for parents to e-mail teachers to inform them about your student's absence, unfortunately teachers don't always have the time in their busy schedule to let the health office know about these e-mails. If your student is absent teachers can only mark unaccounted for unexcused or late/tardy unexcused. The health office is the only one who can change the status to excused, so please please please call the health office with your student's absence.

Thank you so much for you cooperation. It is our goal to keep every child safe.

Best Regards,
Anita Humphreys, LPN
Lake Harriet Community Lower Campus