Bands4Good Challenge
Monday, December 1, 2014 6:10 AM


Bands4Good is two-fold; an online "American Idol" and a fundraiser for non-profit music organizations to keep music education alive in our schools. Little Kids Rock, who has provided thousands of dollars worth of equipment and curriculum to our school, is one of the groups Bands4Good is raising money for at this time.

One of our student groups, The Euros (August M, Cole P & Jacob M), have uploaded an original song and are participating in the challenge. They need our votes! Currently they are in second place for fan votes and fundraising. If they finish in first place for either category, or the judges' pick, they will be able to attend a two day, two night educational music retreat to learn from the pros about sound recording and more. It would be an amazing opportunity for the kids, and for the Lake Harriet community upon their return by sharing their knowledge and experience.


Voting happens in two ways.
1. Everyone can vote daily (through the end of December/early January) with 50 free fan votes. Click on the link provided, click on School Division Vote Now, click on the orange Vote button by The Euros, log in (set up an account the first time), click the purple Cast 50 free votes! button, and you're done for 24 hours.
2. Using the same link and beginning steps, buy a certain number of votes [green buttons] for amounts starting as low as $10.

The money raised for The Euros goes directly to support Little Kids Rock, which in turn will benefit our school in the long run.

Please spread the word. The Euros and Little Kids Rock would love your support!!