Big Changes to Innisbrook
Monday, June 6, 2016 6:15 AM


Dear parents,


Thank you to every parent that donated their time, energy and dollars to our school this year. You may recall we asked for feedback on your experience with Innisbrook after the sale had concluded. We heard that some parents really love having the ability to buy goods that provide a profit to our school, but we also heard that changes need to be made to make this more fun for all.


Expect big changes to come next fall. We have selected a new vendor called Clubs Choice; this will provide us with:


1.   a better assortment of our top items plus sells flower bulbs,

2.   A better price for goods sold which means more profits for us,

3.   Much better online ordering process, 4) better delivery process,

4.   Less cheap prizes will be distributed,

5.   Less pressure to participate, and

6.   It supports a local, midwest company.


We took your feedback seriously and we hope you enjoy the changes we will be making next year. We're excited for them and excited that we have a new vendor to offer which will hopefully make for a better experience for all. Have a wonderful summer and we'll connect again right before the school year begins.


Your Clubs Choice Fundraiser Chairs:

Sarah Knudsen email

Nikki Niermann email