Changes for Lake Harriet Lower
Tuesday, August 22, 2017 6:20 AM


We are looking forward to some building and location changes this school year.

  • The office will take on a new look.  We are adding walls, adding a new space for our secretary, adding a new work area for the teachers and a conference room for meetings.
  • We are adding a sink outside the lunchroom in the hallway near the art room for hand washing.
  • We are making a few classroom location changes and now you will find our staff and students in the following locations:
    • All of the kindergarten rooms will be on the second floor in rooms A205 (Sisler), A206 (Bruce), A207 (Carlson), A208 (Mahony), A209 (Colonga) and 201 (Wright) 
    • All of the first grade rooms remain on the first floor in rooms 106 (Johnson), 107, (Perez), 108 (Clark), 109 (Lyga Jones) and 110 (Shuff)
    • Two of our second grade rooms will be located on the first floor near the art room A125 (Harich) and A124 (Kangas).  The other three second grade rooms will be located on the second floor 202 (Mattson), 203 (Jurgens) and 204 (Devens).
    • All of or third grade classrooms will be on the second floor A201 (Porter), A202 (Hallen), A204 (Saly), A213 (Pier) and A214 (Hollembeak).
  • Please join me and welcoming a new member to our staff:  Rebecca Wright.  She will be teaching Kindergarten and is coming from the Upper campus.
  • Join me in congratulating Nancie Delebo.  She will now be teaching Media!
  • Our one DCD- Special Education classroom will remain in Room 101 (Osowski).  We have closed the other DCD - Special Education classroom.