Citizens and Heroes
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 5:05 AM


Congratulations to our October Citizens and HEROes! We recognized these students as positive contributors to our school community.

Kindergarten: Sadie B, Henry S, Kiran T, Leo K, Grace L, Isaac T, Layla L, Cooper T, Malati N, Damon W, Marcus J, Eleanor O

First: Nora R, Lorelei G, Jack K, Liva C, Amelia S, Devin H, Sachiko C, Bodhi H, Keira B, Wolfgang K

Second: Rowan K, Max D, Ben S, Isabelle M, Henry L, Charlotte S, Nina A, Tucker W, Onyx B, Evie W

Third: Quentin G, Maeve S, Will S, Finn H, Kaysa W, Henry F, Theo P, Roxy G, Sam C, Jemma R

Fourth: Mary B, Ava T, Lily V, Jack C, Sequoia B

Fifth: Oliver E, Naol A, Henry M, Will F

Sixth: Lewis W, Belinda M, Otto W, Shawn T, Sal R

Seventh: Karli T, Aidan M, Ruby C, Elsa F, Wren V, Wyatt F

Eighth: Erik A, Annika B, Lindsay F, Molly W, Isabel W, Mason C, Nate Z