Classroom Placement of Students at Lower Campus
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 6:00 AM


Dear Families,

I want you to know that the teaching staff at Lower spends hours each spring classifying the students and carefully taking the time to place them into classrooms.  Many factors are considered and each class is carefully balanced.

That being said, we are asking that you please do not send us parent information forms.  We are trying something new effective 2017-18; in the fall, once you have received your child’s placement, our teachers will be collecting information about your child.  This is when you can tell us all about your child- skills, abilities and learning styles.   We want you to connect with your child’s classroom teacher, build a relationship, communicate back and forth, and share your hopes and dreams for your child.  Please keep in mind that ALL of our staff are highly qualified and are eager to work with you and your child in their educational endeavors.

Effective spring of 2017, we will no longer be accepting any classroom requests during our classification process.  Instead we want you to share your child’s strengths and challenges with the teacher in the fall.


Merry Tilleson
Lake Harriet Lower