Community News-Facts of Life (Boys ages 11-13)
Wednesday, October 30, 2019 5:00 AM

facts of life
Being a young person can be challenging and confusing and this workshop is for boys (ages 11-13) to talk about growing pains in a judgement-free space. Participants will be free to ask questions and will leave with a better understanding of their bodies and their place in the world.
Young people receive a lot of misinformation about this age, which leads to unsafe decisions before they are ready to deal with the consequences. When young people receive comprehensive education about what puberty is like for everyone, studies show that they make smarter decisions.
This workshop is about empowering young boys to make confident, safe decisions about themselves and others.
FACTS OF LIFE (boys ages 11-13)
Saturday, November 2nd 2-5pm
mXe movement studio, Linden Hills