Community News - YogaFit
Monday, June 1, 2015 6:05 AM


Lake Harriet Community School and YogaFit Studios Partnership We are excited to share that long time Linden Hills residents and owners of YogaFit Studios will give back 5% of all monthly membership dues from LHCS Families back to LHCS in the form of a check each year. This program is in effect now and will continue as long as you are a member with YogaFit regardless if your child is still in school or if they graduated. YogaFit currently has two locations and are planning six more in the Minneapolis area.

Linden Hills – 4507 France Ave S next to Chatterbox and Great Wall

Northeast – 520 1st Ave NE - Located in the RED 20 Apt Bldg. - next to Red Stag.

For locations, schedule and more information, click here. When you join YogaFit, please email so he can add a special code. If you are already a monthly member of YogaFit, please email Ashok so he can add a special code to your profile, or call 612 802-0243.